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I'd also like to make arrangements for the writers. Writing order. Things like that.

I'd like to keep each issue around 1.000 words. Mostly to keep things workable. If you have a longer storyline that needs more words, we could make it a two or three issue story.

Is this a good idea for the rest of you or not?

I'd also like to start an order of issues.At this point we have seven writers. Though I assume that several of you might prefer co-writing, over writing on your own.

This as said, might end up being more than seven issues if people have multiple part stories. If anyone has a plot idea for an episode I'd like to hear it now and add you to the list. The order is important, if only because later stories would be affected by the ones coming before them.

If no one minds, I'd like to take the opening story and am hoping that someone will co-write it with me.

The plot, looking at the poll seems to be with aunt May still in a coma, Peter surrenders to the police in an attempt to get amnesty for May and MJ, and proper care for aunt May. In the end, Tony stands witness on his behalf and mentions the amnesty offered during world war Hulk, and that since Peter surrendered, he is entitled to that amnesty.

I'm willing to take this to issue two though, if someone else has a better idea that they want to try out before Peter surrenders and that can't happen afterwards.

Issues, titles, writers

1.Dealing with the devil (Liliaeth, ?)

PS: any artist feels like talking to me about an idea for a cover that I have that I want to use on at least one issue*g* It's rather detailed and might also just be an illustration, but still...

In case you want to try it, you can reach me on aim as lilithdemonmom or on pm
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