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Some basic questions

Poll #1349932 Some primary questions in regards to the series

Should Peter be registered

No, he should be anti-reg and stay a fugitive
he should turn himself in and go to court
he should turn himself in and make a deal with Tony.
Something else, which I will explain in comments.

Should aunt May survive

Yes, she's much too interesting to lose
Yes, but she should stay in a coma for a while longer
No, her story is over and it's more interesting to see Peter deal with her death
Something else that I will explain in comments

What am I willing to offer for the series

I'm a writer
I'm an artist
I'm a beta or editor
Something else which I will explain in comments
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See, here's the interesting thing about the registration act - Peter IS registered. He complied. Tony overstepped his bounds when he attacked Peter for trying to leave. And then Hill setting the Thunderbolts on him? Crazy!

I like the option of Peter turning himself in and going to court. He could argue that he's fulfilled his obligations under the registration act, and he was forced by the actions of Tony and SHIELD to go underground and side with the anti-regs. He wins the court case and is free to act as a registered hero, but independent. However, a lot of people still distrust him because he's seen to have sided with the anti-regs when the chips were down. Very Spider-man-esque, to do the right thing but have the public hate him for it. :)
And Peter did help fight the Hulk, so by accordance to the deal Doctor Strange made with Tony, once Peter surrenders, he would be given amnesty.
My main issue is that we have seen Peter as a fugitive about a million times before. It's ok for a short while, but to keep him that way, again... it's just been done too often.

Having him become legit, at least for a while quite simply gives more story opportunities, especially now that he's outed.

Deleted comment

I kinda agree on this. I was more than tired of the whole fugitive thing, even before civil war ended.

I'm not saying that Peter should be universally liked, he's still Spider-Man after all, but it would be nice to have him working officially with cops for a change.

Thinking about Peter helping out on a case, while in civillian, cause the detective in charge doesn't want to be seen with a guy in tights. And then him snarking all through it.

Well that and him doing Spidey like stuff while in civillian.

Or mostly trying to find a job with everyone knowing about his free time activities. Or hell, MJ dealing with the fact that her husband's more famous than she is and how this impacts on her. Like maybe refusing job opportunities, cause she doesn't want to be hired just because of whom she's married to. And the tensions that that could create between her and Peter.
Well, that's happened a couple of times before, with Jean DeWolff, and that one cop that was created during JMS's run. Vigilantism is still technically illegal, but they realize the amount of good Spidey does, so it's kind of a "Damned if you do" kind of situation.
true, one of the reasons though, that I loved the sensational annual so much, was Peter's scenes with lamont, with Lamont getting to see Peter as a person, rather than as 'Spider-man'.
I'm the first to admit, I hate the SHR. I think an interesting way to take it, might be to have Peter show up the Registation act in court (I see Matt Murdock as his lawyer). We know that there have been other challenges to the act, so it might be cool to see how people would react to knowing about the Negative Zone, Capekillers sent after Cap before it was legal, ect.
I don't know, But I'm pleased someone is trying to sort out the mess that is Marvel at the minute. Now we only need it for the rest of the Marvel Universe...
well if this works out, there's no reason other people can't do an Avengers series linked to this one. You know, tht or a Captain America or Iron Man series or who knows what...
I'm up for it if you are. (though I will admit I have no idea how to set one up).
I'm more than willing to link to it, but honestly, the main reason I'm looking for a co-mod is cause well, I'm new at this kind of thing myself, so I'm going in blind here.*g*

I'm still worried that I'm commenting too much and possibly scaring people off, while seriously anyone elses ideas have as much validity as my own on this one.
Relax. I'm new to this too. Why don't we put out an appeal for a third person?
Trust me. the amount of anger I've seen on the Iron Man and Cap Communities, We'll find someone to help us.
That would be great, so would you mind being a mod here?
Even if only so we have two people to approve membership. I put things on moderation for now just to be safe. (and so we can stop non-members from posting ot the com once things get really started)
Sure. I'll post a request for someone to give us a hand at the Various Cap and Iron Man sites, (for the other series) while I'm at it.
I would love that beyond all reason, though I'm too busy with WiPs at the moment to do more than cheer an Avengers fixit series on. (People could de-crazify Wanda! Make Steve not dead! Have Jarvis and Hank not be Skrull! Have Jan not be fridged!)
I agree that Peter-as-fugitive is overdone. Since he's already registered, he shouldn't need to re- register, but since he is currently wanted by SHIELD/the cops/the government/everyone, that means he'd either have to turn himself in and go to jail/court or strike some kind of deal with Tony.

Personally, I'd like to see him strike some sort of bargain with Tony, possibly motivated by the fact that he can't take care of in-a-coma!May while on the run or in prison. Tony, who may have screwed up a lot but isn't actually the bastard some of the canon writers seem to think he is, would probably be willing to accept a deal -- he doesn't really want to fight the New Avengers, World War Hulk and other canon events have made that obvious. He just wants them to stop fighting him.

Then Peter could angst a lot about making (yet another) deal with the devil. Except only a metaphorical deal with the devil instead of a stupid actual deal with the devil like in OND/BND.

Oh, and May should live, but stay in a coma for a while. No magic handwaving of the consequences of being shot.
I like the idea of the metaphorical deal with the devil. The only question I have is how quickly we'd have him make that deal.

Just an idea, but since the vote seems to be a bit divided, I think it might be best to have Peter surrender to the police, go before a judge and then have Tony show up and say that Peter falls under the general amnesty for the heroes who helped against the Hulk.

And then it'd be up to Peter, whether or not he accepts Tony's amnesty offer or not.
I think it might be best to have Peter surrender to the police, go before a judge and then have Tony show up and say that Peter falls under the general amnesty for the heroes who helped against the Hulk

That makes a lot of sense. Then Peter gets to make the hard decision to face the music, but we don't actually have him go to jail (which might be too much like a replica of the Daredevil-in-prison plot). Plus, then, he has to come to terms with the fact that Tony is the one he owes his freedom too, which Peter's going to be at least a little resentful about at first. He doesn't want to be grateful to Tony - he wants to be able to resent him for being in charge of a creepy, evil thing like the SHRA and Initiative, and the idea that Tony really might have (what he thinks are) Peter's best interest at heart makes things much more complicated. Plus, Peter would be worried that he'd sold out by accepting Tony's help, even if it was for the sake of his family (it wouldn't help that the other New Avengers, if they don't end up taking a similar post-WWH amnesty deal, might also think he'd sold out).

On the topic of green things from space, are there going to be any Skrull/Secret Invasion plotlines in this? Because I'd like to put in a major-sized vote for Jarvis not being a Skrull. I really like the Jarvis/May romance we were starting to get in ASM prior to BND and SI screwing everything up.
I'd have to put up a poll on the Jarvis thing.

I was really saddened that Jarvis turned out to be a Skrull, on the other hand... well I think it might give an interesting storyline for May when she wakes up to find out she was dating a Skrull and then seeing how much of the SkrullJarvis affection for her was real or not.

You could then go on with having her meet the real Jarvis and go on from the tension between them...

Both options have their own potential interesting points. And well... it gives aunt May a plotline once she wakes up.

I really don't understand why the current ASM writers aren't even trying to use that plotline for something. Since supposedly everything that happened still happened. (or so they claim)

But then that would mean giving May a plotline that isn't limited to giving Peter a reason to hang out at the homeless shelter.
i think we should stop the fugitive thing b/c that took alot away from the stories and was just not entertaining. to me making a deal w/ tony makes the most sense.
Aunt May should live but not be used as a weakling character that the problems for stories are based around but the May that will put Logan in his place and is kick@$$ in general.
I can write dialoge (i have trouble writing full scenes) so if someone gives me a scene i can write dialoge. though i have a busy school schedule so i probably wont write alot till may-ish, but i can beta in the mean time.

PS i can also drawn stick-figures